In this lesson, you will learn about 70 ASL vocabulary terms related to jobs and careers. You will also learn about the role of body shifting, and continue practicing fingerspelling & ASL sentence structure. Your instructors include  Keith Wann, and Rachel Coleman.

Lesson curriculum

  • 1


    • Lesson Intro

  • 2


    • Job Signs

    • QUIZ: Job Signs

  • 3

    Non-Manual Markers

    • Non-Manual Markers - Body Shift

    • QUIZ: Non-Manual Markers

  • 4


    • Fingerspelling

    • QUIZ: Fingerspelling

  • 5

    More Jobs

    • More Job Signs

    • QUIZ: More Job Signs

  • 6


    • Sentences

    • QUIZ: Sentences

  • 7

    Final Test

    • Conversation Video - Complete

    • Conversation Video - Part 1

    • QUIZ: Conversation Video - Part 1

    • Conversation Video - Part 2

    • QUIZ: Conversation Video - Part 2

    • Conversation Video - Part 3

    • QUIZ: Conversation Video - Part 3

    • Conversation Video - Part 4

    • QUIZ: Conversation Video - Part 4

    • Lesson Exam

  • 8

    Practice At Home

    • Real-Life Practice: Your Turn

  • 9

    Wrap It Up

    • Wrap It Up

    • ASL Interview - Rachel Coleman

    • Moving On


Keith Wann

Keith Wann is an actor, performer, writer, producer, father, husband, and a terrible stunt-guy. As a hearing child of Deaf adults, Wann is an original breakthrough performing ASL artist and has been featured in several short films. He currently stars in a popular ASL Children’s book app called Signed Stories. His unique combination of side splitting humor with heartfelt real life stories from his CODA childhood has become his comedic trademark among the ASL Community. Along with performing, Keith also maintains his National Interpreter Certification (NIC:Master and CI/CT), works on Broadway providing ASL access, and has been an artistic ASL consultant on video projects for artists including Sia.

Rachel Coleman

Rachel Coleman is a passionate advocate for accessible communication for all children. When Rachel discovered that her child was deaf, she began working to ensure that language was fully accessible in their home. Rachel and her sister, Emilie, co-created Signing Time, a video series that teaches basic American Sign Language in a fun way to children. In 2008, Rachel was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series. Through Signing Time, children of all abilities are finding a way to more easily communicate. Rachel continues her work in education and advocacy. She has created multiple children’s video series, speaks on issues important to parents, and has established the Signing Time Foundation to promote accessible communication. In 2018, Rachel became the executive director of the American Society for Deaf Children.