In this lesson, you will learn around 25 signs related to colors. You will also learn more about ASL sentence structure and will continue to practice fingerspelling & ASL conversations. Instructors include Ben Jarashow, Patrick Fischer, Keith Wann, Justin Callaway, & Rachel Coleman.

Lesson curriculum

  • 1


    • Lesson Intro

  • 2


    • Color Signs - Part 1

    • QUIZ: Color Signs - Part 1

  • 3

    Grammar - Adjectives

    • ASL Grammar - Word Order

    • QUIZ: ASL Grammar

  • 4

    More Vocabulary

    • Color Signs - Part 2

    • QUIZ: Color Signs - Part 2

  • 5


    • Fingerspelling

    • QUIZ: Fingerspelling

  • 6


    • Sentences

    • QUIZ: Sentences

  • 7

    Final Test

    • Conversation Video - Complete

    • Conversation Video - Part 1

    • QUIZ: Conversation Video - Part 1

    • Conversation Video - Part 2

    • QUIZ: Conversation Video - Part 2

    • Lesson Exam

  • 8

    Wrap It Up

    • Wrap It Up

    • Real Life Practice: Your Turn

    • ASL Interview - Ben Jarashow

    • Moving On


Ben Jarashow

Ben Jarashow was born deaf in California and grew up at the California School for the Deaf, Fremont. It was there that his passion for ASL storytelling was cultivated, but his love for Deaf Studies wasn’t realized until he enrolled in college. After that light bulb moment, he went on to graduate from Gallaudet University in 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree in Deaf Studies. Then Ben obtained his Master’s degree in Deaf Studies: Cultural Studies in 2006, also from Gallaudet University. His Master’s thesis focused on developing criteria for a better quality of ABC storytelling. Ben taught Deaf Studies at the Utah Valley University for ten wonderful years, where he helped develop and strengthen the curriculum for their Deaf Studies program. However, the sunshine and beaches beckoned; he got a new job teaching ASL and Deaf Studies at the University of South Florida and relocated with his family to the Tampa Bay Area in Florida. In addition to teaching, he has also traveled all over the country giving ASL performances and workshops covering a wide range of topics in the ASL and Deaf Studies field. Ben is best known for his stories about his encounters with jellyfish. As much as Ben loves storytelling and Deaf Studies, his greatest loves are his family. Some of his favorite things to do is spend time with his wife, Kat and their three children – Boone, Cypress, and Wilder. They’ve been giving him plenty of new comedic material for his storytelling, none involving jellyfish, much to Ben’s relief.

Patrick Fischer

Patrick “Mr. Shineyhead” Fischer, CDI, ASLTA Master, is from several generations of fine artists and performers from Germany and has extensive experience in all things related to theatre and art. Patrick has been involved in a variety of artistic positions (artist, performer, director, producer, teacher, Director of Artistic Sign Language, and consultant) as well as participation in a variety of performances (storytelling, acting, and comedy) internationally. Patrick launched his business in 2005 as a way to provide services to those who want to learn more about theatre through deaf eyes. When not "working" in theatre he taught American Sign Language and deaf studies/deaf history, and currently is a certified ASLTA Master instructor. He has taught under the Sign Language Studies Program and Sign Language Interpretation Program in Portland, Oregon. Also, Patrick is a Deaf Language Model in Alaska. Patrick has his Graphic Design degree, and he is also an awarded professional artist and co-owner/marketing designer of the firm, Expert Business Support, Inc.

Keith Wann

Keith Wann is an actor, performer, writer, producer, father, husband, and a terrible stunt-guy. As a hearing child of Deaf adults, Wann is an original breakthrough performing ASL artist and has been featured in several short films. He currently stars in a popular ASL Children’s book app called Signed Stories. His unique combination of side splitting humor with heartfelt real life stories from his CODA childhood has become his comedic trademark among the ASL Community. Along with performing, Keith also maintains his National Interpreter Certification (NIC:Master and CI/CT), works on Broadway providing ASL access, and has been an artistic ASL consultant on video projects for artists including Sia.