In this lesson, you will learn around 60 ASL vocabulary terms related to animals. You will also learn about animal classifiers how to describe animals in American Sign Language. Have fun as you continue practicing and improving your fingerspelling & ASL grammar! Instructors include Peter Cook, Leah Coleman, Keith Wann & Rachel Coleman.

Lesson curriculum

  • 2


    • Animal Signs

    • QUIZ: Vocabulary

  • 4


    • Fingerspelling

    • QUIZ: Fingerspelling

  • 5

    Additional Vocabulary

    • More Animal Signs

    • QUIZ: Additional Vocabulary

  • 6


    • Sentences

    • QUIZ: Sentences

  • 7

    Final Test

    • Conversation Video - Complete

    • Conversation Video - Part 1

    • QUIZ: Conversation Video - Part 1

    • Conversation Video - Part 2

    • QUIZ: Conversation Video - Part 2

    • Lesson Exam

  • 8

    Practice At Home

    • Real-Life Practice: Your Turn

  • 9

    Wrap It Up

    • ASL Interview - Leah Coleman

    • ASL Comedy

    • ASL Tip - Regional Variations

    • Moving On


Peter Cook

Peter S. Cook is an internationally reputed Deaf performing artist whose works incorporate American Sign Language, pantomime, storytelling, acting, and movement. Peter has traveled nationally and internationally to promote ASL Literature. Since 1986, he has been part of Flying Words Project, an ASL poetry troupe that shares the beauty of sign language to Deaf and hearing audiences. He has been a featured performer at numerous storytelling festivals, has appeared in Live from Off Center’s “Words on Mouth” (PBS) and “United States of Poetry” (PBS), and has worked with Deaf storytellers and poets around the world. In 2003, Peter was invited to the White House to perform at the National Book Festival. When not traveling, Peter stays busy in Chicago running his own video production company, teaching in the ASL-English Interpretation Department at Columbia College, and telling stories to his son.

Liam Coleman

Liam Coleman is a Deaf American actor known for inspiring the creation of, and starring in, the "Signing Time" series. "Signing Time" received an Emmy nomination in 2008 and has been seen on public television, Nick Jr., Netflix, and in minivan entertainment systems around the globe. Liam graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2019 with a bachelor's degree in Individualized Studies with concentrations in Deaf Culture and Design. Today, Liam works as a Junior Creative Director at Morpheyes Studio, a Deaf based creative production company focused on advancing Deaf & Hard of Hearing talent.

Keith Wann

Keith Wann is an actor, performer, writer, producer, father, husband, and a terrible stunt-guy. As a hearing child of Deaf adults, Wann is an original breakthrough performing ASL artist and has been featured in several short films. He currently stars in a popular ASL Children’s book app called Signed Stories. His unique combination of side splitting humor with heartfelt real life stories from his CODA childhood has become his comedic trademark among the ASL Community. Along with performing, Keith also maintains his National Interpreter Certification (NIC:Master and CI/CT), works on Broadway providing ASL access, and has been an artistic ASL consultant on video projects for artists including Sia.